preciosa parcela en Betis Tarifa

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Sale, House, Tarifa

Price: 600 000 Sale
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Date created: 08/11/2017 19:42:18
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Tarifa, Betis

Fantastic plot in Betis with an area of 1.5 fanegas and a set of 5 buildings on one floor: three cabins, henhouse, oven, everything revolves around central courtyard. Total area of 121m2. There is a sixth independent building of 28m2. The farm has electricity and potable spring water, supplied by a Roman stone pit with a capacity of 35 m3 all year round. It is located in the highest part of the farm, ensuring the supply. In the middle right there is a second well, for irrigation. You can see a green tongue in the whole strip with vegetation all year round. In the center of the farm there is a third spring that feeds a pond surrounded by lilies all year round. On the property there is a large number of fruit trees and not fruit trees. The plot has been cultivated until relatively short time, optimal farmland. Dream plot in a beautiful setting in Tarifa.

600 000 Sale
Total square:
7842 m2
What is near?:
Boolonia, playa de Punta Paloma, San Bartolomé (escalada)

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